BeeSafe Is Helping the Elderly Stay Active and Self-Reliant Longer


Last week, we were happy to introduce BeeSafe to the biggest retirement home in Slovakia. This home for the elderly in the north of the country hosts more than 320 tenants of all social backgrounds and medical conditions. We’ve met with its managers to discuss the details of implementing BeeSafe there and the results couldn’t be more encouraging.

Needless to say, we’re super excited to be breaking these new grounds. It’s incredibly satisfying to see our solution empowering and increasing the quality of life of the elderly.

beesafe for the elderly

Safety apps like BeeSafe reduce older people’s fear of crime.

According to statistics, older people, women in particular, are most likely to be worried about crime and personal safety. More than 30% of women over 60 say they feel “very unsafe” walking alone in the dark compared to only 14% of women under 29. The same trend can be observed among men as well, it’s just not as protrusive.

Moreover, it’s not just crime that is feared. We mustn’t forget about other anti-social behaviour which is often equally threatening and frightening.

Yet, the elderly remain the least likely group to be the victims of crime. Sure, one reason is that older people take more precautions to avoid potential danger. Unfortunately, that usually also means they simply stay at home because they’re too afraid to go outside.

In the end, we see a discrepancy between actual safety and its perception. This is where safety apps like BeeSafe can help alleviate much of the exaggerated fear among the elderly.

beesafe for the elderly

How can retirement homes benefit from using a safety app?

When you allow people feel safe, you empower them and significantly increase their quality of life. This is doubly true in the case of traditionally vulnerable groups such as older people.

As we have discovered during our dealings with the retirement home in Slovakia, crime or anti-social behaviour were often the least of their worries. After all, the area is a really safe place to live. Instead, they want to find new ways to enable their clients to remain self-sufficient and engaged in spite of their age.

Many among the elderly don’t want to isolate themselves behind the walls of their retirement home. However, they’re often too afraid to leave the premises and go to the city. Too many times it has happened to them that they became disorientated and unable to find their way back home. 

BeeSafe is giving these people an easy way to contact the social workers who can quickly help them find their way back home. All of this with a single push of a button, since ease-of-use is paramount in this scenario.

beesafe for the elderly

BeeSafe is helping the elderly stay active and self-reliant longer.

In the end, the best thing about our work with the retirement home in Žilina is the human aspect of it.

It’s inspiring to see this incredibly lively bunch of 60+ year olds still working and doing crafts every day. Or an 80 years old tech-savvy lady who loves to spend hours with Photoshop, pranking her friends on Facebook. Some of them have even found love among their co-habitants.

In the end, their lively enthusiasm about BeeSafe and the new possibilities it brings surprised even ourselves.

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