Health and Safety at Work. Clever Tips We’ve Come up With ;)


Do you work in an office? Relatively safe place? It isn’t advisable to forget about the safety even in such place. Everybody knows OHS.  

The question is – how do we, employees, contribute to safety? We will tell you what we do at our company, BeeSafe, for our health and safety.  

We are convinced that even small things can influence our health. When we are OK, we are more productive! That’s how it works. And besides, it is necessary to consider possible consequences which don’t appear immediately, but, eventually, they will catch up with everybody! 🙂 We don’t want that.  

Tip #1

Monitor at eye level… everybody knows the golden rule that protects the cervical spine. We’ve dealt with it in our own way, using books, catalogues and speakers. Who would say you can reveal parts of personalities just by looking at the monitor? See for yourselves.  

Tip #2

Changing positions 🙂 Sitting in one position throughout the entire day helps neither health nor productivity. How do we fight it? The favourite place of our project manager is a discreet standing desk in the corner of the office. He is unavailable when dealing with creative tasks as he supplies his brain with blood by constant walking 🙂 A kneeling chair is another great gadget and it is my favourite. Besides the fact its wheels are much quicker than those of an office chair, I tend to be much more upright.  

Tip #3

“Shuttling” between the offices is for those who can’t sit in one place. Kitchen is the favourite coworking place and we often have meetings there. Coffeemaker is a fully-fledged team member then. 🙂 The summer is coming and we’re looking forward to our gazebo in the garden. Hmm… I can already smell that fresh air. At this point, I’d also like to mention yet unwritten internal rule. On sunny days, the employees have to use sunscreen when going out to the garden; members of IT team have to use SPF of at least 30+ 🙂  

Tip #4

Not enough movement? When we need to come up with new ideas, switch our heads off a little or loosen up – there, empty the dishwasher. 🙂 That’s right. It might be a little uncommon activity when working in an office, but we’re OK with it (at least some of us are). What wouldn’t one do for one’s health?  

Tip #5

Last but not least of our golden tips is low-cost. We observe it daily without any special effort to do so. As a matter of fact, it is an extremely infectious activity which strengthens our muscles, provides our brains with blood, decreases the level of stress and costs nothing. Laughter. Who cares if it’s sometimes only a derisive one. O:)