Case Studies

10 safety measures each employee should know

Guidelines, knowledge of proven methods and automatic compliance with OHS principles are not enough to create a safe workplace.   ...
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Health and Safety at Work. Clever Tips We’ve Come up With 😉

Do you work in an office? Relatively safe place? It isn’t advisable to forget about the safety even in such ...
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5 Innovative Solutions for Creating a Safer City. One which is purely Slovak 😉

We live in a safe country. Reality? A dream? Maybe my linguistic spirit is talking and maybe it is a ...
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BeeSafe Is Helping the Elderly Stay Active and Self-Reliant Longer

Last week, we were happy to introduce BeeSafe to the biggest retirement home in Slovakia. This home for the elderly ...
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death star health and safety

7 Worst Death Star Health and Safety Violations

Dear Admiral Motti, We are gravely distressed by the systematic disregard for health and safety on the new Imperial battle ...
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