To love and to protect

Children's safety? Do it with love  No, I’m not an expert in love, much less in the one parents feel ...
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5 Innovative Solutions for Creating a Safer City. One which is purely Slovak 😉

We live in a safe country. Reality? A dream? Maybe my linguistic spirit is talking and maybe it is a ...
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incidents on public transport

Safety Apps are the Future of Reporting Incidents on Public Transport

When you see a problem for which you’ve built the perfect solution, you often get so excited you just want ...
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7 Personal Safety Tips That Might Save Your Life Tomorrow

When things go south, it's the little things that decide the outcome. If you  stay calm and equip yourself with ...
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Do You Want to Be Batman? Safety Apps Are Already Making It a Reality

Admit it. You only clicked on the title because of the Batman part. Naturally, who wouldn’t want to be Batman ...
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Mobile Safety Apps

5 Mobile Apps That Can Save Your Life This Summer

Apart from pleasant new experiences, summer is also filled with danger. Fortunately, if you have a smartphone on you, you’re ...
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BeeSafe Is Helping the Elderly Stay Active and Self-Reliant Longer

Last week, we were happy to introduce BeeSafe to the biggest retirement home in Slovakia. This home for the elderly ...
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feeling safe vs being safe

How I Almost Died While Backpacking in Bolivia and Found Out Why Institutions Like OSHA Really Exist

Have you ever heard about the Darwin Awards? Every year, they award people who died in the dumbest ways you ...
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