10 safety measures each employee should know

Guidelines, knowledge of proven methods and automatic compliance with OHS principles are not enough to create a safe workplace.   ...
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lone workers

3 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Employing Lone Workers

Employing lone workers is in many ways different from employing your regular staff. We took a look at the three ...
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Health and Safety at Work. Clever Tips We’ve Come up With 😉

Do you work in an office? Relatively safe place? It isn’t advisable to forget about the safety even in such ...
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workplace hazards

Watch out for These 5 Workplace Hazards! [+ a Lava Lake Example]

You don’t have to be a health and safety expert to assess the risks in your workplace. Still, if you ...
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contractors' safety

How Do You Ensure Your Contractors’ Safety?

Outsourcing has been a strong trend in business for several decades. In 2002, an EU-OSHA report already concluded that “many ...
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occupational health and safety policy

Why Occupational Health and Safety is the Senior Management’s Job

Few people like to deal with occupational health and safety (OHS) unless they absolutely have to. After all, the main ...
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feeling safe vs being safe

How I Almost Died While Backpacking in Bolivia and Found Out Why Institutions Like OSHA Really Exist

Have you ever heard about the Darwin Awards? Every year, they award people who died in the dumbest ways you ...
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accidents at work

A Lesson to Be Learned from the EU Accidents at Work Statistics

We took the European statistics on accidents at work and correlated it with the USA's list of the most cited ...
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